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ORGx2 Is The Platform For Your Organizations Future...

We’ve all been the club computer expert, and inherently became “the webmaster”. Everyone wants the world. Some requests are easily doable, some are far beyond our skill set, free time, or hosting environment capabilities, and some are outright impossible. Because they saw it on Ebay or Facebook, members and directors expect you to implement custom solutions and dynamic web content in your volunteer web presence with little to no cost. ORGx2 is the partner you need to take your organizations infrastructure to the next level.

While ORGx2 makes it simple for an organization to setup and utilize all of its functions and features with little customization, we’ve developed an extremely flexible and dynamic platform that current webmasters can build off using advanced programming. Integrating advanced page and content editing capabilities, and raw HTML code acceptance throughout the system, advanced webmasters can now deliver dynamic current content to their board and membership like never before. ORGx2 is simply the best and most economical tool for you to use to provide your organization all of the functions and features they could possibly ask for in a professional, current, consistent, single sign on web presence and organization management system.

Don’t think of ORGx2 as your replacement, or the outsourcing of your webmaster responsibilities. Think of it as your server side toolkit. Your Hosting, Database, Virus Scan, and Backup solutions, in a single, interconnected, web based system. We work with existing webmasters to integrate all existing website functionality, and are eager to hear suggestions as to features to add and ways to improve our system for you.

Consider that ORGx2 has taken a team of enterprise level IT, Web, and Database Engineers thousands of hours to develop, implement, and test. It would be unreasonable to expect a club webmaster of any skill level to develop a solution anywhere near as complex. On the same note, a custom developed solution for your club could never match the features, functions, and operation of ORGx2 for anywhere near the price. Most organizations would spend more in procuring a dedicated hosting environment capable of supporting such a system, before any development even took place. Any integrated credit card payment processing system alone could easily exceed the annual cost of the entire ORGx2 system.

We encourage you to take a look at our product. Consider the ways ORGx2 can save your organization money, improve the everyday operation, and provide a better end product for your members. I assure you it will make your life as “webmaster” much easier. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have.

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