Technical Issues

If you are experiencing problems with your ORGx2 website, we suggest that you try to replicate the problem from a different device to ensure that your computer or smart device is not the cause. If the problem persists, we would like to hear about it immediately.

Please fill out the ticket form below and one of our support staff will be notified. In most all cases, errors in the ORGx2 system require research and code modification on the server side. Our support staff will make every effort to keep you informed of the status of your issue until it is resolved.

Servers and Telecommunications

All ORGx2 Servers are hosted by one of the worlds largest and most secure web hosting firms in their state of the art secure data center. Utilizing a specialized web hosting specific partner provides ORGx2 customers with hardware and communication channel redundancy, data security, speed, backup capabilities, and load balancing, that localized severs could never provide. We let specialists handle the servers and we handle the system development. Rest assured that your data is secure and protected, and that your site and system will always be available with one of the highest server uptime rates in the industry.