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What Does ORGx2 Do?

More than "software". More than "a website". ORGx2 is a "Solution". Based on the concept of a single centralized complete organization management and web presence system, ORGx2, via a web based single sign on, easy to navigate, user friendly interface that integrates and dynamically generates a public facing website, an extended member website and backend, and a complete organization database management system with a robust array of tools and features that will improve your club experience and lessen the burden on those running it. Your public, member, and director websites are clean, interactive, and up to date. ORGx2 is completely web based, meaning there is no hardware to purchase and no software to install and nothing to maintain or upgrade on your end. All the functionality of your organizations website and management system is current and accessable from any device with a web browser from anywhere, anytime. And rest assured, with ORGx2, your data is safe, secure, and backed up.

With ORGx2, you never have to know "code", or how to "ftp". If you can send an email, or use a search engine, you can use every feature in ORGx2. So simple, it can be configured and managed from a smart phone. Browse our feature list, or take a look at our online demo to see the difference ORGx2 can make for your club. We don't limit the size of your website, the number of pages, photos, or documents. ORGx2's per member pricing is all inclusive.

We can help you choose a domain name, or repoint your current address. Your web address is important. Whether it's picking the right one from the start, or not having to change your existing address, we understand the importance of your web identity. We make acquiring a domain name or re-point your existing quick and painless. Your annual domain name renewal is included in your per-member all inclusive fee.

Sometimes change is good, and sometimes change is unwelcome. At ORGx2, we understand that and designed our product to work in conjunction with the way you manage your organization. Whether you choose to use all the functionality that ORGx2 has to offer, or simply use it as a professional public facing website, communication, and calendar system, or a back office member management solution, ORGx2 doesn’t force you to change the way you work. We’ve designed ORGx2 to dynamically omit modules that are not being used. Membership managers can configure membership types, dues, and fields to match what your organization has, and add those that you desire. Your webmaster can still use is code and special functionality with our HTML enabled custom pages.

Public Website
Member Website
Organization Management System
Public Website
Member Website
Organization Management System

As simple as using a search engine or social networking site, your directors can keep your website clean, organized, and current in minutes a month. No coding to learn. No files to edit or upload. Nothing to install. A username and password is all you need.

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Home Page: Your homepage is a dynamic summary of the goings on in your organization. The landing point for your groups domain name, this is your front door to the world. Your Home Page is also where members, directors, and administrators will log into the ORGx2 system..

Calendar\Coming Events: Directors add and edit events via a simple event management screen. Events then dynamically populate on the calendars, upcoming events lists, mailing lists, and can be exported for newsletter inclusion. When an event passes, it is removed from the upcoming events lists.

News Blog: Keep your members up to date and content fresh. Type-and-submit entry is fast and simple. Content reflects in short on the home page, and blog style on the news page.

Newsletter Page: Newsletters are automatically archived and made available for download via the organizations website.

Photo Gallery: Publish photos of your club events here. Photos can be categorized, sorted, and downloaded.

Web Links Page: Maintain a list of applicable web links for your members. Sortable by category and name, this is an easy way to organize website's frequently used by your members.

Contact Us Page: Dynamically configured from your organizations basic info, your contact page displays physical, telephone, and e-communication contact information. There is a contact form for ease of communication. Recipients are easily configured in the ORGx2 System.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ): Easily address and publish a FAQ list.

Social Networking Integration: ORGx2 supports dynamic linking from your Home Page directly to your organizations Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIN, and AOL IM pages.


Every member in your organization has the ability to login to the ORGx2 system and utilize extended features and functionality. From member only areas to control of their personal information, members will immediately recognize the convenience and benefits of ORGx2.

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Website: All the features of the Public Facing Website are available to members, just with additional functionality and features

Home Workspace: A desktop area with quick access to all the features ORGx2 offers. Large buttons and easy organization make it an easy starting point on your PC or Mobile Device.

Member Control Panel: The member control pane is where members can update their personal information, setup preferred and emergency communication methods, update member photo and message board avatar. Information is classified as Public or Private and only information entered by the member is displayed.

View other member's control panels to view general information and biography's, and to link to members social networking sites.

Message Board: A easy to use message board is automatically setup for members, and all members automatically have access with their single sign-on ID. Clean and functional, the ORGx2 Message Board System was designed to be easy to use, and simple to moderate and administer. No confusing installation, configuration, and management. Members will be posting instantly.

Document Library: Access flyers, spreadsheets, and other files published by the directors.

Custom Pages : ORGx2 allows you to create custom pages with the same header, footer, and menu bar, for your Pubic and Member Website. Type text, or paste HTML. The possibilities are endless.

ORGx2 System

ORGx2 System Home Workspace


The Organization and Membership Management System is where the ORGx2 system kicks into high gear and distances itself from any other software or web service. Centralized, protected, and always accessible by your directors, the benefits are immediate.

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Website: All the features of the Public and Member Website are available and seamlessly integrated into the Organization Management System. The entire system has a consistent and comfortable look and feel. There is no learning curve.

Home Workspace: The management features are integrated into your menu system and Home Workspace. It doesn't get easier than this.

Member Management : From here, view and edit members information, add new members, track dues payments, assign and track fines, and more

Club Communications and Mass Mail: Send out professionally formatted mass-mails with text, images, file attachments, and links, to individual members and groups with ease. Recipients lists are pulled from the member database and are always complete and up to date.

Non-Member Contacts: A directory of contacts from outside your membership. Vendors, Contractors, Speakers, etc. Data available for lookup and reference, and dynamically integrates into communications and mailing modules.

Proposal Processing: Directors can submit, discuss, and vote on proposals, all online.

Complaint Tracking: Complaints are recorded and processed

Reporting: Orgx2 offers extensive reporting options for many organization measures.. For online review or print, your information is always up to the minute and accurate.

File Management and Backup: The Document Library, Newsletter, and Meeting Minutes modules are a simple way to publish, store, and backup important club files. No more loosing data when a director leaves or a members home PC crashes. Available, controlled, secure, and backed up, The days of emailing files back and fourth are over.

And Much, Much More...:

Need Custom Functionality? Although we have tried to integrate as much functionality as most organizations need, we understand that sometimes you need something special. We have a long wish list of items slated for development and integration into the ORGx2 system. If you have a need or suggestion, drop us a message and we'll let you know if ORGx2 can already do what you're after, if plans are in the works, or if it is something we could develop especially for you.

We designed ORGx2 from the ground up. Not only do we know every line of code, but we can easily build off the most robust membership platform foundation in the industry and provide your organization custom modules and functionality to save time, save labor, and save money. We can provide you with a better custom solution based on our tested and proven ORGx2 platform, and provide it faster and for a fraction of the cost of a complete custom developed site. Call ORGx2 at 414-44-ORGx2

Custom Coding
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